Written by Greg McCluskey on Feb. 17th 2019
Every investor has wants, needs and desires and they must put them as the biggest Priority.  For an investor to get what they want, need, and desire in real estate they must do three things.   
1. Make a PROFIT  
2. Get their money in Securely  
Written by Greg McCluskey on Oct. 19th 2019
1. Cashflow is making more net income off a property than the outgo of expenses.  This is income that comes in every month and means that you have positive income increasing your cashflow in your business.  Cashflow can come from lending money on real estate or purchasing cash flowing properties such as; rental properties, apartments, storage units, commercial, retail, etc.
Written by Greg McCluskey on Feb. 21st 2019
1. Path of Progress is key to finding a great deal.  It must be in the path of progress.  A good example here in Utah is what is going on in the tech industry with Silicon Slopes.  They continue to build tech companies and buildings in what was once a small town, Lehi UT.  In the desert west of I15 and Lehi Facebook has built a 5,000-person data center.  The land between I15 and a small town called Cedar Fort is all in the path of progress.  Another example of the Path of Progress is Urban redevelopment...
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