New Real-Estate Training Uncovers The Underground World Of "Off-Market" Properties...
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Greg McCluskey
"How To Use Off-Market Properties To Consistently Find, Flip & Cash Out Profitable Real Estate Deals... Even In Hot Markets."
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"3 Ways To Get Your Next Deal Funded Before Anyone Else Even Knows It's Available... Using My Off-Market Property Strategies."

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I just released this book and it's amazing. It has all the same information I teach my private client group and I want you to have it. Scroll Down For Full Details Of What You Get In The Book!
Your Host:
Greg McCluskey
This Webclass Will Give You 3 Unbeatable Advantages Over Other Investors In Your Market...
Advantage #1)
Off-Market Properties: 
How To Find Profitable Properties You Can Buy & Start Rehabbing In As Little As 90 Days - Even In Tight Real-Estate Markets.
Easily and Predictably Identify Great Investment Opportunities No Matter Where You Live INCLUDING Off-Market Properties No One Else Knows How To Find.
Advantage #2)
Private Funding:
How To Get Your Deal Funded Without Perfect Credit and Without Getting Told "NO" By Every  Bank & Broker In Town. 
Learn the "6 Magic Words" Private Investors Are Waiting To Hear Before They Invest With You. Know This Key Phrase & Your Next Deal Will Be Funded In No Time.
Advantage #3) 
Consistent Pay Days:
How To Pay Yourself A Salary So You Can Live The Lifestyle You Truly Want - AND Build Wealth For The Future. 
"Flipping houses" won't be enough to give you the life you truly want. Listen in as Greg teaches you the "Pros-Only" secrets of structuring your business for max growth."
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"The Professional Investor's Guide To Off-Market Properties" FREE!
Greg has created complete training courses for the biggest names in the industry in addition to his own street-wise experience and wisdom. 15 years of experience and knowledge are distilled down into this one book and it's yours free today when you register for the webinar. Get your copy today. Read it tonight. Use it to find your next deal tomorrow.
Your Host:
Greg McCluskey
Here Are Just a few Of The Proven Strategies Greg Reveals In The Book...
Off-Market Property Strategies
  •  What are "pocket listings" and why the best investors rely on them to boost their bank accounts month after month.
  •  PLUS: The three sentence script that gets agents sending their pocket listings directly to YOU.ow to know when you can quit your job and do real-estate full-time. 
  •  How to create reliable income without spending a fortune on ads or pulling your hair out trying to build a website.
  •  The one thing you should never say when negotiating a deal with a home-owner. Avoid this deal-killer at all costs.
  •  How to instantly earn the trust of agents even if you're knew to the game or the area.
  •  Why honesty truly is the best policy and why it will often send deals your way even if you don't have cash to close. How to quickly build a professional reputation in your market starting now.
  •  The biggest mistake amateur investors make with house listing software programs... why they don't work for most investors but work like gangbusters for those who know this simple trick.
  •  How to scan public records listings from your local area - PLUS: why the city tax clerk won't help you and the 8 words to say that will put you in touch with the person who can.
Private Funding Strategies
  • The story of a 26 year old Florida kid who just bought his own home with cash - without ever having a loan from the bank. Learn how he did it and how you can do it too.. 
  •  The Great "Real Estate Coaching" Hoax - what the big education companies don't want you to know and why "investing" with them often assures that you won't get funded for your next deal.
  •  The little-known trillion dollar market waiting to fund your next deal that most don't know anything about 
  •  The one mistake people make when asking for "private money" that almost always kills their chances of landing a deal.
  •  Plus: The 7 word question you can say to private money investors instead that will dramatically increase your "attractiveness" to wealthy private money investors.
  •  Why the real-estate market almost always outperforms the stock market and how you can shift your retirement assets without getting penalized.
  •  Why you should walk away from all the "hard-sell" negotiation strategies and just naturally and honestly offer to help people instead. How to make real-estate investing the most rewarding work you've ever done.
  •  The one "can't miss" scenario that is a near guaranteed big profit flip with zero competition - when this set up happens, it's time to go all in. 
"In My Mastermind Groups, We don't "PLAY" Real Estate. We "do" Real Estate. If you're Ready To Stop Struggling And Start Winning, I invite you To Register For The FREE Web Class NOW." 
~ Greg McCluskey
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